What is a Roof Report and Why Should You Get One

Part of being a property investor or building owner is ensuring your investment works for you. If you’re expanding your property portfolio any time soon, you should consider doing a commercial roof inspection before closing the deal. It’s vital to get a report from roofing contractors so that you’re aware of the current condition of your roof. But what is a roofing report, and why do you need one? We provide the answers to ensure you get the most value out of your investment.

What is a roof report?

roof inspection report is a document certified roofers give to detail a roof’s current condition. It includes information such as roof type, age, condition of shingles, flashings, and other details. It can provide insight into what repairs and maintenance you must undertake. A roofing report includes photographic evidence, notes, and a detailed analysis of your roof with possible recommendations.

Why do I need one?

Commercial roof reports are critical to making sound investments. When you know the roof’s condition, you can determine the work needed to ensure you acquire a safe and healthy building. A roof report helps you:

Protect your business

A sound roof protects your business. Your commercial roof protects your building, employees, customers, inventory, supplies, and other machinery from external elements.

Identify issues that need repairs

Roof reports help you identify any potential problem and prevent further damage. A roof report also states the remaining life of a roof and whether replacement is necessary.

Save amounts of money

Regular roof inspections will enable you to detect problems early and fix them immediately before they become expensive. For example, one inspection can identify leaks and prevent causing interior damage.

Roof inspections are ideally done twice a year—before and after winter. Roof inspections can prevent your investment from suffering significant damage during harsh winters. They can also alert you if there’s damage from UV rays and high temperatures.

Know when it’s time for re-roof

A roofing report will tell you whether it’s time to invest in a new roof. If you see signs such as falling debris or active leaks, it’s time to call professional roofers. The roofers will inspect your roof and recommend whether your commercial roof needs repairs or replacement.

Obtain peace of mind

A commercial roof inspection and a comprehensive roof report let you relax, knowing that your employees, tenants, and equipment are safe under a sound, durable, and waterproof roof.

Get your commercial roof report from the professionals

We don’t recommend performing inspections on your own. While you think you’re saving money by doing roof inspections on your own, you may miss issues. Misdiagnosing your roof’s health can lead to costly problems down the road.

Building owners and property investors can only get commercial roof reports by hiring a professional to inspect their roof’s condition. Roofing professionals are adept at evaluating the overall condition and compliance of the roof’s installation.

Ascent Roofing performs comprehensive roof inspections

We are experts in commercial roofing in Auckland. Our roofing contractors offer accurate diagnoses, recommendations, and maintenance plans for commercial roofs.

Our cost-effective solutions are perfect for a wide range of roofing needs. Need a reliable roof assessment and recommendation for your commercial property? Schedule an inspection today!