Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections
& Call Out Fees

We draft out roof assessments together with quotes as part of our general services. Our roof assessments provide a summary of the roof inspection and a recommendation moving forward.

We charge a one-off call out fee of $150.00 (inc GST) to quote residential and/or commercial properties to a maximum of 250sqm in total roof area.

​Multiple residential units (e.g. apartment blocks, villages, etc) and/or commercial properties that require specialised H&S access, extra ladder and/or total to more than 250sqm in roof or floor area will entail a call out fee of minimum $380.00 (inc GST) for the first hour, and $75.00 (inc GST) for every succeeding hour.

The call out fee is deductible from any quote or proposal we forward, should you choose to go with our services.

All inspection fees are non-refundable.

Any cancelled schedules due to weather conditions, force majeure and the like will be re-scheduled by Ascent Roofing to the next best date available.
Any cancellations by the customer for any reasons, including change of mind, will not be entitled to any refunds of any fees paid towards any scheduled inspections.

Full payment is required and will be billed to Client to confirm any inspections/bookings. Payment can be done via EFTPOS onsite or through invoicing. For payments via invoicing, inspection schedules will only be confirmed upon settlement of call out fees.

Ascent Roofing reserves the right to refuse and drop any site inspections if it poses a risk to its staff’s H&S and business. We are under no obligation to undertake a project for the customer unless there is a previous agreement in writing to do so.

If you need us to draft out a roof assessment and recommendation for your property for any other purposes (insurance claims, property sales, etc) please feel free to drop us a line at to discuss.

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